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Metaphysical leaders burn the sky

Metaphysical leaders burn the sky

Metaphysical leaders burn the sky

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    Metaphysical leaders burn the sky
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    Spring water shaking
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    Happy Read
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2022-05-22 05:35:56
Yan's daughter, who has been separated for many years, finally came back however, he was born with low self-esteem, sensitive and speechless. For a moment, he couldn't think of jumping into the river and committing suicide. When he opened his eyes again, he was an inkstone spirit who didn't remember anything except his name Yan Lingxi is born with a smiling face. She doesn't suffer from anything. She doesn't suffer from injustice. Since the inkstone family doesn't like her, she resolutely moves out a few months later, the inkstone family found the inkstone spirit again at that time, she was setting up a stall and saying: "look at the auspicious day of geomantic omen, name the eight character married baby, fortune telling, face to face, town house peace charm, Guanyin wealth charm, breaking evil magic charm, cutting demons and removing demons... Everything. Today, there is a 20% discount, one 80000, come as soon as possible!" What's amazing is, there are countless bosses they need to pay attention to, Kneeling and begging to buy, they fought with each other in order to buy another one CP: Yan Lingxi x Mo Xuanhuai