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He was spoiled by his top brother

He was spoiled by his top brother

He was spoiled by his top brother

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    He was spoiled by his top brother
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    Slowly Rain Man
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    Ethical Novel
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2022-05-14 05:41:56
[overbearing top stream x gentle and charming writer] 1. Ling Youyuan is a successful New Media Editor and an online writer who specializes in writing silly white and sweet after work the year she met Zhan Qingbo, Ling Youyuan's family went bankrupt. Her mother had no choice but to foster her at her best friend's house when Ling Youyuan first met Zhan Qingbo, who was 3 years younger than her, Zhan Qingbo patted her chest and said, "I'll cover you later." Ling Youyuan was amused by this childish answer, and her cold heart eased a lot in an instant 2. Zhan Qingbo was the top male god in the entertainment circle. He sang and danced well during the men's group period, which became a hot topic at that time. Soon after, he set up his own house, withdrew from the group and developed independently. A film became popular. From then on, he gained a firm foothold in the film and television industry and became a rare young powerful actor after entering the circle, Zhan Qingbo never had an affair with any female star until Ling Youyuan reappeared, breaking the rumor that Zhan Qingbo likes men 3. a good friend asked Ling Youyuan if she could talk about sister and brother love? Ling Youyuan opposes it abnormally.