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The concubine of the boudoir

The concubine of the boudoir

The concubine of the boudoir

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    The concubine of the boudoir
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    Hua Yi
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    Garden Novel
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2022-05-30 23:24:41
She is just Tao Qingqing, the third concubine of the Shangshu house, but he is the youngest son cherished by the emperor. At the age of three, she was canonized as a prince. There was a meeting that shouldn't have happened. She worked step by step between the elders in the house and him, and completed the counter attack of the concubine... people in the Cheng Dynasty know that the sixth Prince has a special preference for Tao Qingqing, the only concubine of Taoshang calligraphers, The Lantern Festival in Shangyuan was full of lights, the 80 meter machete of the bandit leader in Liancheng, and the rebel camp in the southern region... but that was her maiden trick. In order to get rid of the ridiculous fate of the common girl, because she had no choice, the plan was not perfect. After all, he knew it, and it was only a day, so she fell down from the altar, How can this confluence of intrigue and love end when you become a servant in the royal palace with only an empty shell?