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Xuanmen koi is only keen on farming

Xuanmen koi is only keen on farming

Xuanmen koi is only keen on farming

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    Xuanmen koi is only keen on farming
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2022-06-30 07:13:03
As a genius of Xuanmen family, Anxia is known as the hope of Xuanmen's future and is highly expected by the family when I was a child, I was counted as a great disaster at the age of 18 when the great disaster is coming, all elders guard her and protect her Dharma to ensure that she can survive the disaster safely because the process was too long, Anxia took a nap and crossed to the ancient farmhouse an Xia:... What's the matter with swelling? How come her catastrophe is through adhering to the principle that if something comes, it will be safe. Anxia immediately decided to use her Xuanmen Kung Fu to learn from countless female masters, which has become popular in ancient times Anxia calmly looked at the villagers who came to find her, pinched her fingers and calculated: "aunt Zhou, your chicken was taken away by Zhang Er Mazi's dog." "Zhao Laowu, I've calculated the date of your son's marriage" "Tiezhu, your sheep was lost around Houshan Chenshi and ran to the northwest."

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