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Surprise! I fell in love with my sick girl

Surprise! I fell in love with my sick girl

Surprise! I fell in love with my sick girl

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    Surprise! I fell in love with my sick girl
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    Super drink wangzi
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    Hotel novel
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2022-06-15 02:30:31
[naodongshuang + 1v1 + sick Jiao + Shuangjie] Si aiyan is an online writer in the 21st century. She has a pile of essays and is cursed by readers diss every day once you wake up and wear your first article, the binding system should give this article a perfect ending Lu Shishen lived in a muddle headed way for 26 years. His definition of human beings was always kill or not kill, without exception, until he met her... The little servant girl in the house was obviously afraid of death, but he still jumped on his bottom line again and again, like a little monkey with only an inch of footage "the LORD said that the world loves me most." "as the LORD said, I will be the only one to spoil in the future." the man's big hand with distinct bones pressed Si aiyan's chin: "did I give you any illusion?" "what do you mean?" he pointed to his belly and said with a cold face, "am I good at talking?" Lu Shichen wanted to kill her, but he stopped at the last step because she is so special, she will always step on the tip of his heart accurately and make him hesitate however, unexpectedly, this hesitation is a lifetime of hesitation.

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