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Please sleep on my side

Please sleep on my side

Please sleep on my side

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    Please sleep on my side
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    榎 mujin
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    Wine Novel
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2022-05-15 05:18:40
Bai Shiyu is the youngest child of the Bai family. He grew up carefree under the love of his parents and the protection of his two brothers in her childhood, she was accompanied by two childhood friends, Xu Jinyan and Qi Yuan. It can be said that Bai Shiyu lived a life without knowing what troubles were before she grew up however, all the success was interrupted after the adult ceremony. Bai Shiyu was arbitrarily determined by his elders about his marriage and future life a girl who has been clever for 18 years once rebelled and fled to a foreign country to study however, when one shocking truth after another was discovered by her, she knew the true face of the so-called rich family and family. Under the strength of her elders and the bitter plea of her friends kneeling in front of her, she was overwhelmed to accept this absurd marriage when another more absurd thing happened, she completely collapsed fleeing to a foreign country again, Bai Shiyu met Lori Wu this time at the age of 25, she finally decided to stand up and regain control of her life, no matter what price she had to pay.

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