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This time, I am in the light

This time, I am in the light

This time, I am in the light

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    This time, I am in the light
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2022-06-22 22:24:34
Fengmian university welcomes a new freshman. Yunmu Nuan hears a familiar name from his roommate. Seeing him again, Yun munun thinks that there will be no intersection between them, just like three years ago. Until the man came to the door. "I want you to be my personal photographer." By devious means, she agreed< Br> breaking an appointment without reason, missing collectively, inexplicable wounds, and opponents who do not know their origin. When the old case of Jiangnan Academy was uncovered, they were forced to get involved in a struggle. From precaution and suspicion to protection and side by side. He said, "Yun munun, shall I be your model all my life?" I love you, where you don't know, for many years.